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Confident Kidz

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Howard Beach, NY, 11414

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Our Mission:

 Helping kidz reach their full potential!

Confident Kidz is dedicated to enrich the lives of all kids.  Confident Kidz strives to allow all children the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Started by a licensed physical therapist, Confident Kidz is aware of the limitations that surround all children in their day to day lives. 


Confident Kidz at The Kidz Lounge is hiring a NYS licensed physical therapist.

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Was your child approved for physical or occupational therapy through the Department of Education?

Does your child have poor body awareness, fine or gross motor skills, coordination or balance?

Have you heard that your child requires therapy but just does not qualify?


Then Confident Kidz is the place for you!


Why choose Confident Kidz?

We have fun while achieving our goals!

In 2015 Confident Kidz joined with The Language Lounge to offer PT, OT and Speech Therapy.

Visit The Language Lounge to learn about our speech therapy services.