8 years ago my miracle daughter was born, 6 months later she was discharged from the hospital with the recommendation I should put her in St. Marys for long term care because they thought she would be bed ridden. I brought her home scared and alone, with nursing care 12 hours a day. A few months later Heather showed up to start physical therapy with Kailee. I sat back and watched her patience and determination to get Kailee to walk. Kailee is blind and that made it that much more difficult to make it happen but Heather never gave up. She came 2-3 times a week and when she finally went on vacation to Florida with her family Kailee decided it was time. I sent Heather a video of my baby taking her first steps. All of this wouldn't of been possible without her determination. Kailee runs, jumps, rides bikes, roller skates, rope climbs, and takes dance classes all thanks to one determined Physical Therapist that today I count as a friend. I know that anything she does she will be successful in and you would be lucky to have her work with your children.                   -Lisa

Having Heather treat my son, Rocco, was nothing short of inspiring. She is a talented and reliable therapist and someone who sincerely does her job because she wants to help. Rocco’s combination of physical, mental, and medical issues make him an extremely challenging patient for even the most seasoned therapist. Rocco was born with devastating neurological damage. As a result, he has no voluntary movement; is severely spastic; and has kyphoscoliosis. Additionally, he has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube.  You have to be creative when working with Rocco and Heather was never afraid to think outside of the box. She was always trying to figure out new challenges for him and different ways to work with him.  She would often go home and use her personal time to gather more information.  I saw him do things I never thought possible. Every day I was so proud of what I saw him do. What a joy to see that someone was willing to help him so that he “can” rather than just say that he “can’t”.  My son cannot communicate or play like a typical baby but that never changed Heather's approach. She made the treatments fun while treating my son with dignity and with a loving touch. She sincerely and truly wanted to help him and to help our family. The sessions would start with the warmest greeting. She then gave him the time that he needed to start working. Rather than having an expected idea of what he should or shouldn't do, she started every session by evaluating how much he could tolerate on that particular day and would then help him reach his full potential. It is a learning process to be a parent of a medically fragile and handicapped child. She worked with our family and our home care nurses to teach us handling techniques and activities that we could do. She helped to remind me that my son deserves no less than any other child. Heather has helped to advocate for Rocco’s needs and gave me endless guidance. She has become a friend and one of Rocco’s greatest gifts.