Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic listening is an individualized intervention intended to support individuals who experience challenges with sensory processing dysfunction, listening, attention & communication. The music used in this program has modified elements such as its spectral predominance, rhythm, melody, harmonics, instrumentation, and space. It is said to help individuals with difficulties in attention, socialization, transitioning, body and environmental awareness, sleeping, potty training, sensory processing dysfunction, etc. 

The program uses specific headphones and modulated music discs. It is used starting at the age of 2 years old, but can be used without headphones for children younger than 2. The protocol for the program is as followed:

- 7 days a week (ideally), 30 minutes each listening session
- 2x a day with a minimum of a 3 hour separation between listening time
- Music disc should be changed every 2 weeks
*(Program does have some limitations/contraindications/special considerations)

Each disc is chosen based on the presentation and need of an individual. After observation of their response to a disc, another disc of modulated music is chosen to target their specific sensory need. Program will be continued as such, as needed.

The program is 1 to 1, and can be used really at any time. Depending on the child, our OT’s use therapeutic listening while performing functional skills such as table top activities, homework, graphomotor activities, obstacle courses. Other children prefer to lay on the platform swing with dimmed lights under a weighted blanket. Some parents provide it during breakfast time or even on the ride to school if able to tolerate. Either child would still be benefiting from this listening program! “I have seen an increase in a child's attention and self regulation when provided with therapeutic listening, which then opens up a window for me to teach them a few skills.” -Ms. Karen , OT